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For more than 35 years, my commitment to my community has been true and tested, long before thinking of running for office; altruistically and without a title or official position.   Having been elected to 2 party positions with over 41,000 votes, 20% of which are from the voters in District 4 of the New York City Council; I have been enabled to provide assistance in a more effective way.  That is why I am taking the opportunity and applying for the open position in our district, soon to be vacated by Council Member Dan Garodnick, because I want to continue to work for you!
Making the quality of life issues a top priority.  Securing a sustainable economy filled with sustainable jobs.  Securing the funding owed to our schools to increase their budgets, thus improving them. Securing a clean environment, air and water.  With decades of experience navigating the complexities the legislative process and of governmental agencies, which time after time delivered results favoring hard working New Yorkers.  I know what it takes to find solutions and get things done."
Address CLIMATE CHANGE.  New Yorkers deserve an environment free of greenhouse gas emissions. I have spent the last decade working for clients whose objectives were lined up with my values, rather than lining up my pockets and choking our population with pollution.  


Healthcare for all.  Single Payer Healthcare is a Human Right!

Healthcare can no longer be denied to everyday folks.  I will fight every step of the way and advocate for Medicare for all.


Your home is your Castle!  And New Yorkers should not live in fear of loosing their homes to greedy landlords.  I will work fiercely to protect all tenant's. In order to ensure “true” affordability, as your city council member I will push on the issues of unlawful evictions to more housing opportunities for the seniors and low, middle and homelesss families that is affordable and subsidized by the tax benefits granted on our behalf.


Advocate for TUITION FREE Public Colleges and Universities.  

Quality Childcare and Pre-School for all .

Our children are our future, their education will assure we will have a bright future.  Once elected, I will charge ahead so that schools are able to retrieve the funding they are owed, beginning with the schools in my district. 

Economic Development

In order to continue to develop our city economically, we have to create sustainable jobs; jobs that can lead to some type of career advancement so workers can actually live off a paycheck and not be impoverished by one.


Public Transportation must be accessible to all generations of our city.  Currently less than 30% of our train stations in our district are ADA accessible. This affects all generations: from young mothers with baby carriages, to high school students with large backpacks, to large families traveling together, to sportsmen and workers traveling with heavy gear/equpment, and to our seniors wrestling with endless flights of stairs, and shoppers that would rather spend the cabfare in another purchase. I will urge for the MTA to look into their plans and help find the funding to support a more efficient way for anyone to get to their train, as well as pushing on other issues concerning efficiency that are frustrating so many of our daily commuters.

Honoring our Veterans of Life

​Council District 4 is known to be one the largest NORC (Naturally Occurring Retirement Community) in the Island of Manhattan.  I will be a fierce advocate for Seniors to be able to age in place and not fear the affordability of their homes or healthcare, and live with dignity, honoring their golden years. 


​Fiercely advocate to stop the deportations.  

More funding for effective Citizenship programs. 

We are a Country built by Immigrants, this gave us the "Melting Pot" name.  Most of us came to the United States to make significant contributions to the socio-economic-cultural fabrics of this great Nation; therefore New York City must be a "Sanctuary City".  I will work fiercely with all Immigrants the Old and the New to find new ways of helping the most vulnerable of this segment of our population.

Workers Rights
  • Oppose the TPP and the Outsourcing of Jobs

  • Support the Right of Workers to Unionize

  • Paid Sick Leave for all Workers

  • Paid Vacation Days for All Workers

  • Paid Family/Medical Leave for all Workers

  • Pay Equity for Women Workers

  • Reduce Youth Unemployment and Child Poverty


New York City has always been a colorful city, full of all religions and ethnics. We must protect the vulnerable people of New York City, the very same people that earned us the "Melting Pot" name, whom continue to make socio-economic-cultural contributions to our society, which makes New York City stand out like no other. 

Racial and Social Justice
Fight for Racial Justice and Defend Civil Rights. 
As the only woman of color in this race, I know from first hand experiences which I have successfully managed in the past>  I will use these experiences to assure that we accept and love one another equally, regardless of origin, race, color, gender, religion, sexual preference, economic or academic status; so that we united stand under one banner, one name and one country, the United States of America!